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GTVI, an imprint, subsidiary of Glamour Television.com, is an international media production company charged with the production and distribution of high-end digital content for television, cinema, DVD and the web. All acquisitions and final presentations originate and resolve in standard and high definition digital.
Glamour Television's Independent Cinema scours the intellectual world of ideas to bring you the most provocative and evocative televisual content. Our programs provide riveting seminal material for scholars, aesthetic connoisseurs, casual art lovers and entertainment junkies.
Glamour Television's Beauty and Glamour delights lovers of the female form with pictorial elegance and style; gleaned from a series of photographic projects from the Natural Beauty Collection by Godfrey Silas.
Glamour Television's Classic Erotique presents the fine art of erotica culled from a divergent spectrum of sculptural pictorials. The aim is to restore the requisite elegance and sensibility traditionally imparted to all
things well-intentioned. Eroticism is not measured or explicable in terms of beauty; but at Glamour Television
style is a cardinal hallmark. Welcome to Glamour Television.

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